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Finding Peace With Your Healthy Self

A lot of things have happened since I started taking care of my health this January. I joined Virgin Active Singapore and I loved it there. I got a personal trainer who guided me along the way.My program was a mixture of strength training, cardio ...

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I’ve Moved on to Becoming a Fitness Fanatic

Sorry guys for the long hiatus… I’ve been so busy with work and my new hobby: Going to the Gym. It’s a miracle. Miracles do happen. I lost 10KG without feeling deprived and I will tell you how. Stay

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Some Changes on My Blog

As some of you may have noticed, my site has been undergoing a gradual revamp for quite sometime now–new theme and more focus on wellness and skin care. It now has additional items on the nav menu bar: Store, Year-round Discounts, and Discounts & Freebies ...

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How I Survived USANA Reset and Lost 6 lbs in 5 Days

The online reviews were catchy–they say you could lose up to 10 lbs with the USANA Reset Program. What most of them did not say was how challenging it was–but definitely worth it. Why I wanted to lose weight My sisters visited me last month for 10 ...

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Girls Don’t Poop?


I came across that viral ad about PooPourri last week and I must say kudos to the people behind that ad! What is PooPourri? Well, it’s like the ultimate tool to “hide the evidence” when you’re done doing your business in a public toilet or in ...

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When was the last time you had a “Me Time”?

What have YOU been up to lately? Everything happens so fast these days. The evolution of gadgets, products and even how we do our work is speeding up so fast that we hardly have time to get some rest. Here are some simple but effective ways to ...

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Can MakeUp Make You Happy?

Physicians Formula says YES with the Happy Booster™ product line. My first experience with Physicians Formula was a good one. I had that cooling powder which has been discontinued already–sad. Anyway, I’m glad to know that Happy Booster™ is here. According to their website, these cosmetics are infused with ...

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I think I just found the answer to unruly, flyaway hair

This could happen to anyone: You just got a fabulous chin-length bob from your favourite stylist and you wear it like a supermodel for a week or two (side note: my hairstylist at Kimage – Plaza Singapura, Ivan Too, quite good). And then one day ...

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Guess Which BB Cream I Wore at the Metallica Concert–and lasted the whole night(!)

BB Creams have been heralded as the all-in-one makeup that you will ever need (primer included). Unfortunately, for women with sensitive and oily skin like me, the usual dewy effect it gives somehow morphs into that shiny, oily face look by midday. There’s also the ...

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VanityTrove Beauty Table: A Better Way to Track Beauty Brands That You Love

VanityTrove Beauty Table

I’ve been a VanityTrove member since last year and I have seen it evolve from being a subscription-based beauty sampler box into a community of beauty enthusiasts. With Vanity Trove, you can discover new brands and new products from brands that you love, and then ...

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