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Today I Got Myself a Set of Perfect Brows at Erabelle

Eyebrows are extremely important; they frame your face and give you facial expression. Can you imagine your face sans brows? I know I can because I’ve had sparse brows all my life. I spend a huge chunk of my time in the morning just to get my brows done right.

NEW! Brow Perfector—a velvety eyebrow pencil for creating artful slender shapes to fashion’s full brow.

Now, imagine having perfect brows when you wake up, when you take a swim or sweat it out at the gym… Lovely, right? Aside from breakout-free skin, I’m sort of obsessed with  having the right eyebrow shape that is suited to one’s face shape. My dilemma over the years is that I don’t know which face shape I have.

I chanced upon an ad from Erabelle – The Brow Expert at Bugis Junction, so I went in to ask about semi-permanent options. The place is lovely and the beauty technicians looked beautiful in their kimonos. It’s really a place that you’d like to go back to.

The Right Brows for Your Face Shape

I underwent a trial and I learned that I’m a cross between oval and heart shape. Here’s the guide that they showed me at Erabelle:

eyebrow shapes, face shapes

This image is from Erabelle’s Facebook Page

Aside from semi-permanent eyebrows, Erabrows, they also have Eralips and Eraliner. Eralips is a semipermanent lip color and shape–you won’t need to put on lipstick anymore. Eraliner, on the other hand, is a semipermanent eyeliner that the technicians will put on your peepers to enhance their shape. Hmm… If I also take Eralips and Eraliner, all I will have to do in the morning is put on powder and lip gloss!


Here are my perfect brows:

My Eyebrows by Erabelle

My Eyebrows by Erabelle

Now, “perfect” is subjective but for me, these are the nicest brows I’ve had since time immemorial. SO, I’ll say perfect.

Aside from services, they sell skin care, cosmetics and beauty tools. I was smitten by their eyebrow pencils that I had to take some home with me. Their services and products have multiple awards and if that does not convince you enough, look at the cute packaging! I appreciate products that have nice packaging:

erabelle cosmetics

Makeup from Erabelle — nice packaging!

I’m happy with the results so far and I’d recommend Erabelle to those who want perfectly shaped eyebrows.

NARS Fall 2013 Color Collection: Haute. Hypnotic. Modern Matte.

Disclaimer: This is an unpaid post. I wrote this review because I liked the service and the products I got from this establishment. Results may vary on individuals.
5 / 5 stars     

  1. Rachael Renee

    Hiiiii, how much did you pay and who was your therapist?

    • Grace Naces

      Hi, Rachael. My eyebrow technician was Serena Tan at Erabelle Bugis. Erabrow costs $780.03 for a package of 3 semi-permanent colour sessions which you may use over a 2 year period. Colours will last about 2 years. Do check them once in a while though because maybe they have a promotion that I don’t know about. Have a nice day! :)

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  3. Lilu

    Is it like a tattoo?


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