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Guess Which BB Cream I Wore at the Metallica Concert–and lasted the whole night(!)

BB Creams have been heralded as the all-in-one makeup that you will ever need (primer included). Unfortunately, for women with sensitive and oily skin like me, the usual dewy effect it gives somehow morphs into that shiny, oily face look by midday. There’s also the scented kind that’s not very friendly to sensitive skin, no matter how big the fonts that say “hypoallergenic” on the labels are.

What’s the difference between BB Cream and CC Cream? Well, they did say CC Cream takes BB Creams to another level where color correction is concerned. We’ll tackle that in a separate post later on.

Radiant Cream Compact Foundation

So, I’ve tried so many BB/CC Creams these past months:

Kiehl's BB Cream lasted the whole night!

Kiehl’s BB Cream lasted the whole night!

And I still have to try L’EGERE Water Drop Shiny Pearl BB CREAM, Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35 and Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream next week. These 3 have created quite a stir in the BB Cream arena. I’ll update this list in my quest to find the ultimate all-in-one make up.

Any great BB Cream that you know and I’ve failed to mention, let me know. :-)


  1. marie

    you can try these two brands:
    1, too cool for school, they have a mouse like BB cream it is not greasy, easy to apply, with good coverage, and last long. and it is not expensive!!
    2, mioggi, i guess you can only find them in HK, it has 4-5 types for different functions, it is very light weight, your skin will “eat” it quickly and it helps improve your complexion

    Both are Korean brands, actually i still think Koreans produce the best BB cream, more suitable for Asian skin.
    European brands are heavy and thick…


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