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How I Survived USANA Reset and Lost 6 lbs in 5 Days

The online reviews were catchy–they say you could lose up to 10 lbs with the USANA Reset Program. What most of them did not say was how challenging it was–but definitely worth it.

Why I wanted to lose weight

My sisters visited me last month for 10 days. That means 10 days of eating every good food we could find. And you know how good food almost ALWAYS equals to high calorie content, right? When they left, I weighed myself and lo and behold! 130 lbs! That is 20 lbs more than the ideal weight for my frame and height.

Me, Jamie and my Sister, Beth

Me, Jamie and my Sister, Beth

I must admit I didn’t like the idea of giving up the food that I like to eat for 5 days but hey, I need to lose weight since I am scoliotic and it’s a no-no to weigh so much. I can still remember the orthopaedic surgeon telling me “You won’t grow taller and you have to avoid gaining weight so you won’t hurt your spine. Maintain a healthy weight always” — well food got in the way obviously. When you are in Singapore, you’re surrounded by a LOT of good food. It’s a foodie haven and it will take a motherload of discipline to say no.

Why I chose 5-Day USANA Reset Program

I’ve been a (rather relaxed) USANA member since last year because I’ve seen how the Essentials worked and I’ve already let my friends try the Reset Program. Some were able to lose up to 20 lbs in one month without feeling tired or giving in to cravings. I decided to try it myself this time and well, it was not easy but as I’ve said earlier, it’s worth it.

USANA Reset Program is basically letting your body “reset” — so you’ll just have low GI fruits, USANA Nutrimeal, Fibergy, Essentials and Proflavanol for 5 days.

Some quick facts (from USANA website):

USANA Nutrimeal is a meal replacement smoothie. Nutrimeal™ is a low GI formulated meal replacement drink and a quality source of protein, carbohydrates, dietary fibre, and many micronutrients.

USANA Essentials are supplements. The Essentials for adults is a combination of two products:  Mega Antioxidant and MultiMineral.  

Proflavanol is for your cardiovascular health. It supports immune health and promotes healthy-looking skin. This is why you won’t “sag” with the RESET Program.

Fibergy is a flavourless, natural source of dietary fibre. The high fibre low-GI formula leave you feeling satisfied, making it easy to skip unhealthy snacks throughout the day. It also promotes good digestive health, and aids in normal bowel regularity, which helps move wastes and toxins out of the colon.

I kept a daily health diary and just copied and pasted the content over here in my blog.

My Daily Update on How I Achieved Weightloss with USANA

Day 1 – Sunday

USANA Nutrimeal

USANA Nutrimeal

I started the Reset program on a Sunday. That used to be my steak day. I’ll get back to grilled food after reset. (YES you can eat good food after this program)

  • Breakfast: USANA Nutrimeal – Strawberry, Fibergy and a kiwi, Essentials & Proflavanol
  • Lunch: USANA Nutrimeal Chocolate, Fibergy and a kiwi
  • Afternoon Snack: Grapes
  • Dinner: USANA Nutrimeal Chocolate, Fibergy, Essentials & Proflavanol

I was already starting to miss bacon and eggs T_T but I have my eyes on the goal so I went on. I felt light and alert at the same time. It must be the Essentials and Proflavanol.

I almost gave in to my cravings. I smelled that wonderful aroma of glorious food when I passed by a popular Cantonese restaurant but I took a deep breath and walked on. It’s a battle between me and my unwanted fats after all.

Day 2 – Monday

USANA Proflavanol

USANA Proflavanol

It’s hard not to wake up to the smell of fried breakfast on a Monday morning but I told myself “Hey, this is going to be worth it.”

  • Breakfast: USANA Nutrimeal Strawberry, Fibergy, and a kiwi, Essentials & Proflavanol
  • Midmorning Snack: A few fresh strawberries
  • Lunch: USANA Nutrimeal Chocolate, Fibergy, and a medium-sized Banana
  • Afternoon Snack: Japanese Green Tea
  • Dinner: USANA Nutrimeal Strawberry, Fibergy, and a few fresh strawberries

I was told it’s okay to have tea or coffee as long as it’s like zero cal or something. Plain green tea is zero cal so that took care of my compulsory hot beverage of the day.

I miss going to Zumba class. I’m not supposed to do anything strenuous until the 5-day reset is done.

I had strawberry shake for dinner and I had a very bad headache that I willed myself to sleep it off. I thought to myself “I hate you detox, I hate you Reset!” I said that if the headache won’t go away by tomorrow, I will officially chuck this program and eat lots of fried food tomorrow. A little voice also said “You know you’re better than that” so I decided to sleep it off.

Day 3 – Tuesday

USANA Essentials

USANA Essentials

I woke up  feeling good. What just happened? I felt lighter but I miss savoury food. As a self-proclaimed foodie, eating nothing but fruits for the last 3 days is kinda boring. How did Steve Jobs survive being fruitarian?!

  • Breakfast: USANA Nutrimeal Chocolate, Fibergy, Essentials & Proflavanol
  • Midmorning Snack: A few fresh strawberries
  • Lunch: USANA Nutrimeal Strawberry, Fibergy
  • Afternoon Snack: Japanese Green Tea and a few fresh strawberries
  • Dinner: USANA Nutrimeal Chocolate, Fibergy and a kiwi

I’m hoping this light and good feeling will last the whole day. I smelled good food from the pantry and I felt like going Hulk on everything. “2 days to go” is now my mantra.

A movie ended the day peacefully. Two. More. Days.

Day 4 – Wednesday

Strawberry nutrimeal started my day and some green tea by midmorning. I read a horrifying article about the Ganges River before lunchtime so I lost my appetite. I had chocolate nutrimeal and the pictures that I saw didn’t help.

I ate strawberries in between meals. Kiwi is an awesome fruit! It’s yummy, low GI and so healthy. I had that before dinner and then strawberry shake last night and an episode of The Good Wife. I slept rather early. At the back of my mind the word “Day 5″ is up in neon lights.

Day 5 – Thursday

THE DAY! This is the last day of my Reset Program.

I had chocolate shake this morning while browsing my RSS reader. It actually helps to have something to do while sipping your meal. I never sat at the dining table because I know I would be sad and decide to get the can of SPAM in the pantry.

I’m already making plans on what I will eat tomorrow for dinner. Tomorrow on my Transform Phase (4-12 weeks), I will be allowed one normal meal and two Nutrimeal shakes. I will keep doing this until I reach my ideal weight. After the Transform Phase is the Maintain Phase. Daily meal will consist of one Nutrimeal shake (as a meal replacement) or with a low GI diet to maintain your weight (plus one weekly cheat day). I can’t really complain because this is way better than most diet stuff I’ve tried before.

10AM. Midmorning green tea is in order. It really helps in curbing your appetite so I would recommend having it during tea breaks. And YEY! I’m going back to Zumba class on Saturday!

Strawberry nutrimeal again for lunch. I have some candies in my drawer but I’m stopping myself from reaching it.

3 PM. Oh no! I had ice cream *squeal* – just a bit. Okay I won’t hate myself for it. I’ll own what I did. :p

Conclusion: I lost 6 lbs. The average is 4.5 to 5 but may go up to 10 lbs depending on your body and discipline. Gah! It must have been the ice cream! :p If I stuck to my program, I would have achieved a 10 or something. Well, that’s water under the bridge… on to my Transform Phase! (and Zumba!) Transform Phase will help me achieve my ideal weight gradually. :)

Reminders When on USANA RESET

  • Before buying any fruit, make sure the fruit has Low GI (you can google this). Don’t buy watermelon, dates or yellow mangoes!
  • Follow the instructions on the product labels carefully. Don’t overdo it.
  • The second and third day will be very hard. Just go through with it. Keep going.
  • If you need help with the program, just send me a PM or any message and I would be willing to help.






Disclaimer: Results vary upon individuals. If you have medical conditions, please consult with your physician first before going into any weight loss programs.

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  1. glencie

    Hi! I’ve tried the nutrimeal for 5 days. for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Day 2 i eat veggies & longganisa for lunch & had “lengua de gato” (sort of butterfinger like bisquit) day 3 had 1 bag of chips & “lengua de gato for snack. I didn’t see any improvements to my weight. Is it because i cheated during the 5 days program? Thanks!

    • Grace Naces

      Hi Glencie,

      Chips and processed food like longganisa are not allowed during reset period. Please eat only fruits and steamed veggies during this time and you will see results. :-) Good luck!

  2. Irish

    Hi. I’m planning to do the reset program tomorrow. Diba po breakfast, lunch and dinner ung nutrimeal? Then pano po pag-intake nung essentials and proflavanol? Once lang po ba or every meal? Thankiiee!

  3. Marga galvez

    Hi grace! Did you do any workouts while on the 5-day reset? Or you really lost 6lbs just by solely following the program? :)

  4. Carl

    Wonderful to see you losing 6 lbs and sharing your experience with the Reset program, Grace! For most people, I replace the proflavanol with Biomega :)

  5. chasinggreencars

    Hi, I want to try this, may I know where did you get hour usana products? Also, how much is the essentials and nutrimeal?

  6. Yume Anzaki

    How many packs of Nutrimeal did you use up for the Reset period?

  7. Wendy

    My friend/coworker sells this product. I have been on Medifast for over two years, lost over 40 pounds, developed an allergy to the food and was forced to quit. I have since put on 13 pounds, my clothes are tight, if they fit at all and I am miserable. I am purchasing the Reset kit and trying it out. While reviewing the product I found your site. It has encouraged and inspired me. Thank you

  8. ladyseo

    can i eat sweet potato or yogurt during reset? :)

  9. catrina garcia

    Hi Grace :) you actually nailed it! :)

    I’m on my 1st day of RESET program, and I just eat Papaya with Nutrimeal this Morning, Veg Salad with Nutrimeal again.. and later tonight, I’m not sure what to team up with my Nutrimeal? Any suggestions? Also, for the Meal, I’m not really a healthy eater, but I want to work this out, any suggestions on the meals for my next week :) also, I took essentials and prof C ofcourse :)

    will greatly appreciate your suggestions :)


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